Peer Tutoring Assignments

The following assignments need to be completed and submitted before your placement into the classroom.  All document can be downloaded or opened as fillable pdfs. After you open the documents, type your responses directly on the pdf and save.  Due dates are indicated for the assignments but you can always complete them earlier. When you are completed, submit assignments to Mr. Yu’s mailbox in the office or by email at

Assignment 1 – Think Paper

Assignment 2 – What if?

Read the handouts: Learning Disabilities

Watch the video: “How Difficult Can This Be?”

and complete Assignment 3 – How Difficult Can This Be?


The following two assignments need to completed and submitted before the end of each term.

Peer Tutor Evaluation Rubric

Peer Tutoring Reflection Assignment



Once you have been placed into a class as a peer tutor, I will be dropping by occasionally to see how you are doing.  In addition, you will be expected to write weekly journals indicating what you’ve done each week, students you have worked with and reflections about your experience as a peer tutor.  Keeping up with your journals will make writing your end of term reflective assignments much easier.  Your weekly journals can be written in point form and should only be a few sentences.  You can also added images as part of your journals.  Your journals will be completed using your myBlueprint portfolio and this can also be used as part of your Grad Transitions.


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