Dry Grad

Dry Grad Chair 2018-19

Kerri Winter

Phone: 604-230-9040

email: kwinter02@gmail.com

Treasurer 2018-19

Leanne Walton

Phone: 604-857-5357

email: Leannew@shaw.ca

Next Meeting: June 11, 2019 @ 7pm in Library

Dry Grad Committee Meeting Agenda #12

Hi Grad Parents,
Dry Grad Committee meeting is tonight @ 7pm in room 129.
Please find attached minutes from last meeting and tonight’s agenda.
Anyone is welcome to join!

Warm regards,

Kerri Winter (chair)

On behalf of the Dry Grad Committee

DW Poppy Secondary School

23752 - 52 Avenue, Langley
BC, V2Z 2P3
Phone: 604-530-2151
Fax: 604-530-5034
Attendance: 604-530-2151