Dry Grad

Contact for Dry Grad this year is Lise Cowan at liselangley@gmail.com

Meeting Minutes – Dry Grad Committee 2017/2018

Meeting Date:  October 10, 2017

In attendance:  Lisa Davidson, Tanya Rogers, Kathy Smith, Lorri Weatherston Trace Humphries, Chenine Humphries (Treasurer), Cory Hall (Assistant Chair), Marnie Williams, Karen Smith and Adrienne Ashworth


After Prom at Newlands on June 28, 2018 we propose to create an event in order to provide a safe alternative to grads so that they can celebrate their graduation later on into the night.

Suggested timeline:

11/11:30 PM-2:30/3 AM

Rough Outline of the Evening:

  • The grads are transported by bus to the event venue from Newlands.
  • At the venue they will have food, entertainment and prizes.
  • After the event the students are picked up by a parent or responsible adult.


Last year’s information overview (presented by Lisa Davidson):

  • *Fundraisers and request for donations…get them lined up ASAP
  • *Tickets were $55 earlybird/
  • $65 after deadline
  • *Gift bag at end of night – ask for donation of bags early from Essential Packaging
  • *Backdrop and props (in drama room) for photo booth
  • *A lot of the evening’s food was donated and pizzas were ordered and ready at the event upon grad arrival
  • *The event last year was held at George Preston Arena in Brookswood.  It cost less than $1000 to rent.


This year’s ideas:

  • *We discussed the possibility of renaming the event to be more appealling than “Dry Grad”.
  • *We discussed the possibility of having a different agenda for the evening than a casino or games.
  • *We suggested the value in talking with our kids, the grads, about what interests them so that they can conribute to creating an evening that they are excited about and want to participate in.
  • *We discussed the possibility of renting George Preston again.
  • *We discussed and dismissed river rafting as an optional event due to the various costs and challenges associated.


Action Required:

*Please submit your ideas for a new event name by replying to this email.  We will decide via email before our next meeting.  I have included my idea for a name as an example.

Timeline:  prior to next meeting

*Please discuss the evening with your grad and submit your ideas for the event via email so that we have some options to consider at the next meeting.  I have included a short description of my idea below as an example.

Timeline:  prior to next meeting

Tanya Rogers will be contacting the George Preston Rec Centre to view the facilities and put a deposit to hold it in case we want to use it again.

Timeline:  this week


Next Meeting

  • As we need to make some decisions to move forward in a timely manner we will reconvene for a meeting in two weeks to discuss and finalize the location, entertainment and details of the event.
  • At that time we will discuss fundraising and donations.
  • If there are any other suggestions for our agenda before the next meeting please email me and I will schedule it in.

Meeting date:  October 24th


New name suggestion:

Into The Night

Evening entertainment suggestion:

A variety night with performances by live musicians, comedians and an improvisation troupe.

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