Flex Time

What is flex time?

Flex time is a period of instructional time built into the DWP daily schedule that empowers students by giving them some measure of choice and control over their own learning. During flex time, students are expected to be in a class, working on school work, either individually or in groups, meeting with teachers for support on classwork, or working on projects, under teacher supervision, that they are passionate about.

When is flex time?

Flex time is a daily block of 42 minutes that follows period 1. The schedule for each day is as follows:

StartEndTime (min)Period
8:05 AMWarning Bell
8:10 AM9:19 AM691
9:24 AM10:06 AM42FLEX
10:11 AM11:20 AM692
11:20 AM12:02 PM42Lunch
12:07 PM1:16 PM693
1:21 PM2:30 PM694


Flex Time Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are we doing this?

This teacher-driven initiative was brought forward by our school staff in an effort to support students in their curricular work. There is a belief that students are in need of more time in the school day to work on their school work and to seek out teacher support. In addition, there is a belief that training students to manage their time and giving them opportunities on a daily basis to work on school work will benefit them by reducing anxiety and improving completion rates for work assigned. The introduction of Flex will also make lunch time more available for students to participate in school-based activities such as intramurals and clubs.

Q. Will this be rolled out in September, 2016?

Yes, we plan to start this for September 2016. As part of the start of the 2016/2017 school year, staff will train students how to use the flex time effectively.

Q. How will students be held accountable for their use of flex?

Attendance will be taken in first period. At the start of the school year, students will remain with their period 1 teacher during flex time. During this time, teachers will be providing students with the necessary skills and guidance on how to use flex time effectively. Once staff feel it’s time to allow students to ‘flex’, we will introduce it gradually. During flex time, students will be expected to be in a class and/or learning space. If students are not using flex time properly, their ability to make their own choices about how they use their flex time will be removed. This is part of our overall pyramid of intervention strategy.

Q. Can flex time be used for meetings with clubs or sport teams?

Given that flex time is considered instructional time, it cannot be used for club or team meetings.

Q. Is there a limit on how many students can be in a classroom at any one time?

Yes, regular classrooms can only hold 30 students, with tech/foods classes capped at 26 (though this can be adjusted if safety is a concern). The library will also be capped at 30 students.

Q. Can teachers indicate what particular flex days will be for?

Yes, teachers can determine how their flex time is used in their class, as long as it affords all their students an opportunity, at some time, to make use of the flex time with them. As an example, if a shop teacher wanted to work with juniors on day 1 and seniors on day 2, that could be indicated on the teacher’s door.

Q. Can students move rooms during flex time?

There is transition time at the beginning of flex time, but it was decided that once flex time has started, students would need to stay where they are. This lack of movement is mitigated by the fact they can go to a different teacher the next day (or see them after school).

Q. Would students who have spare blocks during 1st period be required to find a class for the flex time?

They would not be required to be present, but if they are, they would be required to be in a classroom or in the library (if they are in grade 11 or 12). We would see many of these students coming during flex because they could see teachers for help. All students with spare blocks during first period will be required to attend Flex in the library for the first three weeks of school (up to and including Friday Sept 23).

Q. Will flex time be used for pull-out assemblies?

Yes, to reduce the number of students away from classes, flex time may be used for assemblies.

Q. If a student is behind in course work, can a teacher hold them in for flex time?

Yes, period 1 teachers will have the ability to hold a student in to get caught up on work, write tests, etc. If your period 1 teacher asked you to stay during Flex, their request takes priority over other Flex block plans.

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