DW Poppy Breakfast Club (Poppy Bistro) Update

Posted: November 3, 2016

Dear Members of the DW Poppy Community,

In our second year of operation, the DW Poppy Breakfast Bistro continues to be a tremendous success in our school.  The positive energy and connection for students and staff in the morning continues to be a wonderful addition to DW Poppy.  Here are some ongoing highlights that we have noticed:

  1. DW Poppy has more bussed students than any school in the district. As such, this may be a reason why so many students are accessing the “Breakfast Bistro” in the morning.  Many students may not have had the time for breakfast, so this is providing an important need for our school population.
  2. Students from Grades 8-12 are accessing the program. The breakfast club is open to anyone who wants to start their day off in a positive fashion.
  3. We are currently serving an average of 130 students and staff per day. We have served as many as 161.  All are welcome.
  4. About 12-15 staff members are visiting the Breakfast Club in the morning to sit with students and to have a positive conversation to start the day.
  5. We are extremely fortunate that our “Life Skills” program has taken this on as a major initiative. Staff members Shelley McDonald and Linda Cadieux are the major drivers of this initiative along with the entire Life Skills Program Team as well as many other SEAs in the building.
  6. Our Life Skills students will continue to gain valuable training in food preparation, “Food Safe”, serving, purchasing of food and the food service industry.

We need your support to keep this going as an important part of our community.  Please see the attached list of food needs for our program.  Several parents have already come in to stock the shelves for our students. In addition, parents are making financial contributions that we appreciate.

We would ask parents and community members to support us with the Poppy Bistro in the following ways:

  1. If you are interested in making a financial donation to support our breakfast program, please contact our PAC Breakfast Club representative Jackie Cook at bcook1@telus.net , Linda Cadieux lcadieux@sd35.bc.ca or myself at bmoorthy@sd35.bc.ca.
  2. If you would like to volunteer in the morning to support the Bistro please contact one of the representatives above.
  3. If you would like to donate food or supplies to the program please contact Shelley McDonald (Life Skills Teacher) at smcdonald@sd35.bc.ca, Linda Cadieux (Support Staff) lcadieux@sd35.bc.ca our PAC Breakfast Club representative bcook1@telus.net or myself at bmoorthy@sd35.bc.ca.
  4. We are open to Gift Cards to grocery stores if you would like to donate something other than cash.
  5. We are also looking for commercial equipment such as: toaster, blender and dishwasher.
  6. If you have any corporate connections that can help, please contact me at the school.
  7. If students would like to volunteer their support, they can contact Ms.McDonald at the school to assist with the program.  All students who volunteer in the Program will acquire service hours.
  8. The Breakfast Bistro is a social place where students can connect in the morning. Many teens indicate that they don’t have time in the morning to eat, so they are welcome to get a “grab and go” breakfast item if they wish.  Encourage your son or daughter to check out the “Poppy Bistro”” in the morning.

We are certain that our program will continue to develop and that the ideas will come as the months pass.  We have a firm belief that this an integral part of our school’s healthy culture.

Sincerely yours,

Balan Moorthy


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