Clubs Flyer Trifold (Trifold)

Book Club8-12ThompsonYear-round
Equestrian Club8-12JackEverything about horses! The D. W. Poppy Equestrian Club is for anyone who has horses or is interested in learning and sharing about horses. You do not need to own a horse to join. You just need to love horses. We share knowledge about the care, upkeep of horses, and the different options for these topics. We also learn about different training methods, disciplines, and techniques either by sharing, videos, or on occasion, going to the barn to work with the horses together. Sometimes we go to visit different suppliers in the area or we have guest speakers on a variety of topics. Every year we attend the Mane Event (the largest horse expo in BC) in Chilliwack. We also try to rent horses and go on a school ride at least twice a year at Campbell Valley Park. This club is also a connection to the Back Country Horsemen of BC events and meetings where you can also learn about horses. This club is open to everyone and all ages! We meet every Tuesday at lunch in the Aboriginal Room. See Ms. Jack if you have any questions.Year-round
Tuesdays at Lunch
Aboriginal Room
Fizzix Club8-12Fursehis is a student motivated group who enjoys building, designing, programming, and thinking. The Fizzix Club engages in social and physics-based events from breakfast to engineering and astrophysics. The group also competes every year at the U.B.C. Physics Olympics in March. Are you ready to think?Year-round Tuesdays at LunchRoom 221
Global Voices8-12FraserGlobal Voices is a group where students can come together to discuss and draw attention to a variety of local and global issues. We hold different fundraising events to help support local causes and charities. We are also a member of WE Schools and through them are able to support a variety of global issues. Global Voices meets every Tuesday at lunch in Mr. Fraser’s (rm. 122).Year-round Tuesdays at LunchRoom 122
Grad Council12Harrison, Murray, PennerYear-round
Gender and Sexuality Alliance8-12A. LeeThe DW Poppy Gay-Straight Alliance (“Pride Side”) meet every Wednesday during lunch in room 206. At the meetings, students discuss social issues, current events, raise awareness of LGBTQ2+ issues and, most importantly, provide a safe place for LGBTQ2+ and all students to be themselves. Some weeks we see the youth rallying together to provide support to other students, some meetings students are socializing and discussing what new shows they like on Netflix. Everyone is welcome; Students and Staff Alike!Year-round Wednesdays at LunchRoom 206
Intramurals8-12Intramurals at D.W. Poppy Secondary is a lunch time activity in which students and staff create their own team for the year to compete against other student teams in a number of sporting activities throughout the school year. Students from Grades 8-12 have the chance to make their own team of up to 12 players, which can include a max of 3 staff members. Intramurals are a great way to get involved in your school, make new friends and most importantly…have fun.Year-round at Lunch
Math Challenge8-9FurseThe Math Club is a student lead group that meets to solve problems, and to prepare for math contests and challenges that are offered by local universities and the University of Waterloo (contests). Members are often engaged in solving difficult problems or helping other students with their school math. Are you ready to think?Dec-Spring Thursdays at LunchRoom 230
Redhawk Drummers8-12JackDo you enjoy Aboriginal Drumming and Singing? Would you like to learn Aboriginal songs, traditions, and protocols around Drumming and Singing? Would you like to learn how to make drums and rattles? Come to our Drumming and Singing Circles! We meet every week and share songs at events throughout the year.Year-round
Thursdays at 2:45 PM
Band Room
Ski Trip8-12Winter

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