The Start of Another Great School Year

September 30, 2016

What a wonderful start to the school year.  At 833 students we are showing  steady growth as a school.  As I have mentioned many times DW Poppy is school that offers many opportunities for students.  Please encourage your children to find a place to “plug in” and get connected.
Breakfast Club is for Everyone:
Just a reminder that our DW Poppy Breakfast Bistro is for everyone.  The purpose of offering a morning breakfast is that many students come to school without eating because they run out of time.  We are currently welcoming over 100 students, staff and parents who spend time together to get a positive start to the day.  We supply fruit, toast, eggs, cereal,milk, juice and occasionally even pancakes.  Other than eating it is a time to get connected.
We fund this program through parent donations, community donations, provincial grants and the Breakfast Club of Canada.  We are always in need of money, food and volunteer time.  Please contact me if you would like to contribute.
Flex Block is an Early Success:
Our Flex Block has been an early success.  The ability to provide students with directed contact time with their teachers every day should be especially beneficial as the semester progresses. We still have some “kinks” to iron out, but we anticipate that when students really see this as a time to comprehend or catch up on their subject material that they will see the benefits.
Project of Heart Tribute in the Learning Commons:
As an example of our ongoing commitment to “Truth and Reconciliation” we have a wonderful tribute in our Learning Commons which “illuminates the hidden history of Indian Residential Schools in BC.” The hand crafted canoe which was a tribute to our survivors with art tiles from students across BC is truly something to see.  In addition to this, a history of residential schools and the impact on our survivors is on display.  You are welcome to come and view this exhibit during the day.  Please check in at the office before doing so.
A reminder that my door is open to parents and students to discuss their thoughts, opinions, ideas and concerns.
Balan Moorthy
Proud Principal
DW Poppy Secondary

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