Principal’s Message for June 2017

June 27, 2017

Congratulations to the DW Poppy Graduation Class of 2017.  As I leave DW Poppy I want to express my deepest gratitude to our Staff, Students, Parents and Graduates.  In my seven and a half years I have witnessed amazing changes at our school.  We have celebrated many achievements academically, artistically and academically. As we continue to build on our warm and caring culture we are attracting more students from outside the district and catchment area.  Our school depends on the dedication of our parents.  The hard work and countless hours put in by our PAC President Marlene Yakabuski and outgoing Secretary Jacquie Cook over my years at Poppy is truly hard to measure.  I am also grateful to our Treasures Ginette Keglowich and our Fundraising Coordinator Pamela Rose Combs for their dedication to our school.  They will vital for our school as we move forward in the next two years to a Middle High School.


Change is inevitable.  It either happens to us, or we take the initiative to make changes in our lives.  Please join me in congratulating the following staff members as they move on to new challenges:


Mr. Hetherington – Mr. Hetherington retires after over twenty years at DW Poppy Secondary.  He has been a dedicated teacher, Department Head, Advocate of Trades Programs and coach.  We will miss him. He looks forward to spending time with his grandchildren.

Mr. Pandolfo – Mr. Pandolfo has been a fixture in our Social Studies Department and has dedicated over thirty years of teaching to DW Poppy Secondary. What many of you may not know, is that Mr. Pandolfo was also a band teacher and computer tech teacher at DW Poppy. He has been a long-standing advocate and mentor to many teachers.  He looks forward to spending time with his grandchildren.

Ms. Mattson – Ms. Mattson has been in a job share with Ms. McKellar in her years at Poppy.  Ms. Mattson worked hard to support students in our Learning Assistance Program and was an advocate for at risk students.  We will miss her dedicated contribution to our school.


The following teachers were in term assignments and will be leaving for other positions:

Ms. Veer – Ms. Veer was in a short second semester term position for Mr. Labine in our International Students ESL program.  She did a great job supporting our students.

Ms. Delamorandiere – Ms. Delamorandiere did an excellent job as our International Students’ Coordinator in a term position for Ms. Noll.  This is a significant leadership and advocacy role in our school and we are thankful she took this on with such dedication.

Mr. DenHaan – Mr. DenHaan did a great job in a term assignment for Semester 2.  He was a welcome addition to our Social Studies and English Department and quickly became part of the DW Poppy culture.

Ms. Lee – Ms. Lee did an amazing job in a term position as a Special Education Teacher at Poppy.  Ms. Lee quickly emerged as a positive member of the Poppy community and as an advocate for students who require learning support.

Ms. Weslowski – Ms. Weslowski took on a major role in our Learning Resource Department in a temporary position for Ms. Clarke.  This was significant challenge and Ms. Weslowski was a strong advocate for our at-risk learners.


The following teachers will be on leave for all or part of 2017/2018:

Mr. Braun – Our French Teacher Mr. Braun will be on an educational leave for one year to do his Master’s Degree.  We wish him well.

Mr. Kwiatkowski – Mr. Kwiatkowski will be on a parenthood leave for semester 1.  We wish him well and look forward to his return in January.

Ms. Murray – Ms. Murray will be on a maternity leave next year.  We will miss her amazing contributions to Poppy over the next year.


Teachers Moving on to New Challenges

Mr. Munsie – Over the past seven years, Mr. Munsie has emerged into one of DW Poppy’s strongest leaders.  As the Athletic Department Head, Mr. Munsie will be remembered as a huge advocate for Poppy Athletics. During his coaching tenure he created Provincial Champions in Wrestling and helped develop one of the strongest Rugby Programs in the province.  We wish him well as he and his family move to Campbell River.

Ms. McKellar – Ms. McKellar has accepted a position at Langley Fundamental School.  Ms. McKellar leaves a significant void at DW Poppy as she was a genuine leader in our Special Education Department.  As our Department Head, Ms. McKellar was an exceptional advocate for students with Special Needs and she worked hard to unify a highly complex department.  We are happy for Ms. McKellar as she joins her daughter at Langley Fundamental. She will be missed.


Support Staff

Thank you to Ms. Wessels, Ms. Frizzel and Ms. Park for their work in our District STEPS program.  They were a great addition to our team.

Ms. Wolgram – Ms. Wolgram will be taking a leave from her Career Ed Facilitator role to pursue her education degree.  We will miss her as she has been such a strong advocate for our students who are pursuing the trades and Post-Secondary, but we are looking forward to her becoming a teacher

Ms. Xu – Ms. Xu was on a term position as an International Assistant in our ISP program.  She was a hard-working and dedicated addition to the Poppy Family.

This has been a truly celebratory year at DW Poppy.  Please see the attached DW Poppy Celebration that was in the Langley Advance this past week.

DW Poppy will always be a place that celebrates learning and achievement.  We would like to congratulate our Principal’s Honour Roll Winners and Our Regular Honour Roll winners for the 2016 – 2017 school year.  Parents can pick up a “Proud Parent of a Poppy Honour Roll Student” fridge magnet in the office. It is a symbolic memento of your child’s achievement.

“May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields.”

I will miss you all very much!

Balan Moorthy

Proud Principal

DW Poppy Secondary School.

Final Principal’s Message

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